DEFIB HAWAII-First Mobile CPR Class

It all started in 2017 with the sudden death of my brother at the age of 50 from sudden cardiac arrest. My husband and I were already teaching and mentoring as a passion, but my brother’s passing sparked a passion in me to make sure what happened to him, wouldn’t happen to anyone else. I began training and installing AED’s in churches, restaurants, retirement communities. However, it wasn’t enough, I knew we could help more. 

This is when we decided to start Defib Hawaii LLC. With the help of our friends and old colleagues from when we were flight nurses, Defib This has helped us to launch here in Hawaii, so that we can service the islands in which I was raised.

In the state of Hawaii, the average EMS arrival is 20 minutes. That being said, EVERYONE should know CPR. One’s chance of survival decreases by 10% for every minute that passes without CPR. 

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