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ACLS Certification Classes Hawaii

By taking our ACLS Certification class, you will gain the advanced skills and confidence needed to manage cardiovascular emergencies and significantly improve patient outcomes effectively.


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Why Take An ACLS Certification Course with Defib Hawaii?

5 Star Reviews

Kind, professional, thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone needing to do CPR training.
Serena Stark
Serena Stark
Would definitely recommend taking any courses with this dynamic duo. The communication was great from Syrina and Mark really made the class easy to comprehend. He provided an open learning space and a more creative learning approach to ACLS. Hoping I can take PALS in the future with them!
Samuel Marihart
Samuel Marihart
Excellent teaching from very knowledgeable providers. Friendly atmosphere. I will come back for recertification courses
Kamaile Lopes
Kamaile Lopes
Mark and Syrina are awesome! I had Mark as my educator and he really simplifies everything making it so easy to remember and understand. I really enjoyed taking their class and I highly recommend them!!!
Albert Guerra
Albert Guerra
I have been a nurse for over 8 years now, I learned so much during this class more than my entire nursing career, very informative, thorough, professional, they actually care about you grasping the information and make everything as simple as it can be so you can walk out knowledgeable and prepared.
kaitlyn justo
kaitlyn justo
I normally don't leave any reviews for things but I have to say this class was really helpful. The couple running this program are very knowledgeable and excellent at teaching. I also had to reschedule my class twice due to personal reasons and they were super understanding and flexible with me. I feel more confident as a New Grad after taking the ACLS class! Just come prepared and ready to learn!
Danielle Coleman
Danielle Coleman
Syrina and Mark are excellent instructors. I had Syrina for BLS and Mark for ACLS. They are both very knowledgeable and explained things in a way I understood. They are passionate about teaching the material in a way that you can understand and practice BLS/ACLS confidently.
Danielle Meyer
Danielle Meyer
Highly recommend Defib Hawaii. I needed to renew ACLS, BLS and PALS. Syrina was very responsive when I inquired about completing these courses and was able to work with me to find times that would fit in with my work and travel schedule. Mark was very professional and effective in teaching the courses. He has an extensive background in healthcare and was able to present to content in a way the was easy to understand and recall, instead of just regurgitating information. I went into my courses nervous, but felt completely confident in my skills and knowledge by the end.
AhRan Youn
AhRan Youn
I took my first ACLS class and the class was very well organized and informative. I highly recommend :)
Mazurek Ewa
Mazurek Ewa
Found out about this course through a friend. It was very easy to set up an appointment for a last minute re-certification. Mark was very informative, highly recommend!

  • American Heart Association Training Site – Gain advanced skills in cardiac emergency management.
  • Flexible Scheduling – We offer several classes per week to fit your busy schedule, ensuring you can find a time that works best for you.
  • Expert Instructors—Our classes are taught by certified American Heart Association (AHA) instructors with extensive real-world experience in emergency medicine, providing you with the highest-quality training.
  • Comprehensive Training – Our curriculum covers all necessary aspects of ACLS, including hands-on practice with real-life scenarios, ensuring you are well-prepared for any cardiac emergency.
  • Supportive Learning Environment – Our instructors provide personalized guidance and support throughout the course, ensuring you feel confident and competent in your new skills.
  • Immediate Certification – Receive your AHA-accredited certification eCard immediately upon successfully completing the course, allowing you to demonstrate your new skills immediately.

Feel Confident and Prepared

Our Mission Is To Prepare You For Real Emergencies With Hands-On Practice and Simulation

Pass the Certification Exam

Conveniently Located Training Center in Honolulu, HI

Pan Am Building
1600 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 1650
Honolulu, HI 96814

What You’ll Learn In Our ACLS Classes

ACLS Course Overview

man having heart attack with nurse helping

Our ACLS course enhances your Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, emphasizing continuous, high-quality CPR. You’ll also dive deeper into advanced concepts like team dynamics, effective communication, systems of care, and immediate post-cardiac arrest care.

The 2020 ACLS course requires EKG rhythm interpretation. If you’re not working with EKG rhythms daily, we highly recommend practicing reading EKGs before attending the class.

By joining our ACLS course, you’ll gain essential skills and confidence to handle cardiovascular emergencies effectively.

The curriculum in our training courses is based on AHA guidelines.

Who Can Benefit From An ACLS Course

All Medical professionals and healthcare providers are required to have ACLS certification (new or expired) or may respond to cardiovascular emergencies.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)
Emergency Response Personnel
Medical Students and Residents
Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners
Staff working in Intensive Care Units, Emergency or Critical Care Departments
Respiratory Therapists
First Responders
Military Medical Personnel
Sports Coaches and Athletic Trainers
School Nurses
Community Health Workers
Individuals in Remote or Isolated Areas

emergency responders

Modules Covered in ACLS Training

  • ACLS Algorithms
  • Immediate post-cardiac-arrest care
  • Airway management
  • Rhythm recognition
  • High-quality CPR
  • 1- rescuer CPR AED
  • Effective resuscitation team dynamics
  • Science overview (update course)
  • BLS and ACLS surveys
  • ACS
  • Megacode treatment

Training manuals are available for purchase at registration.

Steps to Get ACLS Certified in Hawaii

Step 1: Register for a class

Step 2: Complete the required training

Step 3: Pass the ACLS Certification Exam

Step 4: Receive your Certification. Your American Heart Association (AHA) e-card will be emailed to you within one business day. Upon request, the physical card will be mailed to you.

We will be offering RQI skills station for ACLS, BLS, and PALS in the very, very near future. Students will take the AHA heartcode online, then sign-up for a 1 hour skills station time slot to get signed off. They will have the ability to schedule an appointment 24/7 and get an access code to enter the skills station room to take the live feedback skills sign-off. 

A card will be issued the same day.

Recertification and Continuing Education

ACLS Renewal Certification course available. Select a class from our convenient course calendar.

When to Renew Your ACLS Certification

You should renew your ACLS certification every two years to ensure your skills and knowledge remain current and aligned with the latest American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for ACLS

Completing an ACLS certification course can earn you CE Credits, which contribute to your professional development and may be required to maintain your healthcare license. You can learn more about CEU eligibility here.

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How long does ACLS certification last?

ACLS Certifications expire in 2 years.

What is the cost of ACLS certification in Hawaii?

Our ACLS classes start at $215. We offer course discounts for course bundles. The course manuals are not included in the cost of the class but can be purchased at registration.

Can I take the ACLS certification online?

The American Heart Association and Red Cross do not endorse online ACLS classes. However, with the addition of the Resuscitation Quality Improvement skills station, students will be able to take the AHA heartcode online, followed by an in-person skills sign-off with an electronic feedback station. This shortens the time a student needs to be in person to less than an hour.

What are the differences between ACLS and BLS?

BLS focuses on basic CPR, AED use, and initial emergency response, suitable for a wide audience, including non-medical personnel.

ACLS builds on these skills with advanced airway management, pharmacology, and cardiac care, targeting healthcare professionals managing complex emergencies in clinical settings. Both are essential for effective emergency response but cater to different levels of expertise.

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